Stratford TRSMD Diary 
This year represented something of the lull before the storm, before the introduction of the unwanted HST brought repercussions for the fleet across the whole of the UK. It was in this year that one of our locomotives, 47596 (then 47255) finally found a home after being bounced around a whole gamut of Eastern Region depots since its exile from the WR, via an equally short stay on the LMR!
At the start of the year British Rail discontinued the display of headcodes on locomotives. Pending a final decision on what to do with the now redundant panels a trial was carried out fitting a black Perspex panel with two white dots through which the original headcode lights shone. Termed D.ML (Double dot marker lights) the trial was carried out on Stratford’s Class 47 fleet, and most, though not all, were so modified in January 1976.
Those modified were:
47003-5/7/9-11/4/6-9/64/85. 100/15-8/35/56/8/60/2/3/5/7 (both ends)
47006 (one end).
Those not so modified were:
47093, 102/14/30/50/64/72/9.
That leaves the position on 47155 as open to debate! My records indicate that it was modified, but undated photographs of it at West Thurrock Power Station show it to be unmodified. Harris has the loco on loan to the power station from January to April 1976, but other sources state Autumn 1975 (note known to be in ZC 11/75). Being away at University at the time I can only verify that it was running on the main line in December 1975.
1st Slow speed control fitted 47179 was sent to Holbeck in exchange for standard 47255 (later 47596) though as this had a Clayton boiler its use on passenger turns was limited.
29th 47297 and 47298, both slow speed and Clayton boiler fitted join the fleet from Tinsley and Thornaby respectively.
Crewe Works released 47018 following 5L overhaul.
47130 was released from Crewe Works after its 4G overhaul. By this time 47155 was back on the main line after its stint at West Thurrock Power Station.
Departing were xbs 47167 to be “County of Essex” to Tinsley and xbs 47170 to be “County of Norfolk” to Immingham.
Crewe Works released 47164 from 5L overhaul.
Crewe Works released 47093 from 4G overhaul.
Crewe Works released 47085 from 4G overhaul.
Crewe Works released 47156 from its 4G overhaul. As its marker lights weren’t recognised as a standard fitting at the time they were removed on overhaul.
Crewe Works released 47118 and 47255 from 4G overhauls. 47118 seemingly escaped with its marker lights intact, 47255 never had them in the first place.
Crewe Works released 47172 5L overhaul. Ironically the message had now reached the works that D.ML was regarded as a standard fitting, so this loco had them fitted!
 End of Year summary 
xb, blue: 47003-7/9-11/4/6-9/64/85/93, 100/2/14-8/30/5/50/5/6/8/60/2/3, 255 (33)
xbs, blue: 47164/5/72, 297/8 (5)
Total: 38
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