Stratford TRSMD Diary 
With electrification from Cambridge to King's Lynn completed the ETH fleet was transferred away, Petroleum sector transferred its fleet to Immingham for oil trains from Ripple Lane By the end of 1990 Stratford had just two 47 locomotives left on its books.
21 st
47010 xo Rf3p / 47119 xo Rf3p transferred from Immingham.

Also during the month: 47439 recived black marker light panels and sparrow emblems.
4 th
47439 xe LL transferred to Crewe.

Also during the month:
Released from overhaul at Stratford Major was 47579 (8L), yellow marker light panels.
Sparrow emblems: 47430.
47579 received black marker light panels.
47010 / 47054 / 47119 transferred to Immingham.
13 th
The electrification from Cambridge to King's Lynn conplete saw the NSE ETH fleet transferred away.

47576 / 47579/ 47581 / 47596 transferred to Old Oak Common.
Nothing to report.
Nothing to report.
47328 xos Rf3a transferred to Immingham, then on to Eastfield.
30 th
47007 transferred to Tinsley.
Nothing to report.
25 th
47325 xos Rf1 / 47367 xos Rf2 / 47430 xe Rf3a transferred to Immingham
Nothing to report.
 End of Year summary 
47346 xos Rf1
47366 xos Rf1
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