Stratford TRSMD Diary 
A notable year, some for the wrong reasons and some for the right. In June Stratford got brave and started painting loco roofs with silver paint on the home fleet, setting up a difference of opinion with Crewe Works that would last for nearly ten years.
By autumn the knock-on effect of the HST introduction was starting to bite with the result that the Great Northern felt were able to release a small number of ETH locomotives to Stratford. All of which were however dual heat, and prodomly used their boilers when working on the Great Eastern.
47130 was fitted with D.ML, having the dots close together at one end.
47115 was released following its 4G overhaul at Crewe Works. 47014 was fitted with a modified type of marker light panel at one end. This comprised a riveted-in metal plate incorporating two opaque lenses. Termed P.ML(N) (Permanent marker lights – new) the panel was normally painted yellow (as on the GN examples appearing about this time), but the Stratford version was painted black – a portent of things to come – and so not immediately obvious.
47114 and 47160 were fitted with D.ML.
47298 was released following its 4G overhaul at Crewe Works. 47172 was fitted with P.ML(N) at one end only, this time with a yellow plate.
This month marked the start of Stratford individuality and in a big way. 47163 47164 were painted with silver roofs and large full height Union Jack flags on the sides. With 47163 also receiving silver battery boxes. The two were launched on the 08:30 Liverpool Street to Norwich and 08:42 Norwich to Liverpool Street services, plus their subsequent diagrammed turns. Both trains were named “The Silver Jubilee”. The two locomotives worked these trains throughout the summer, being substituted in the main by 47156 and 47165 when on exam. 47003 was released from Crewe Works after its 6I overhaul, the first SF47 to have six overhauls. At the end of the month non marker light-fitted 47164 had its headcode panels made operable and was repainted with silver battery boxes to match 47163. The headcode panels were then used to display the correct codes.
The operable headcode panels on 47164 must have upset someone as within days it had gained D.ML, albeit somewhat bodged. 47156 was also so-fitted during the month. 47117 was released from Crewe Works after its 4G overhaul. While the authorities were no doubt somewhat miffed at Stratford’s “Silver Jubilee” efforts the paint jobs survived, and with increasing confidence the silver paint pot came out again with silver roofs being applied to 47009, 47115, 47118 and 47255. These originals (and 47163/4) were literally silver as distinct from the silver-grey shade used later.
D.ML was fitted to 47093 and 47102. Silver roofs applied to 47017, 47102, 47130, 47135 and 47298. 47164 was repainted for a record Norwich to London speed attempt for diesel loco traction on 28th, a record it still holds.
47297 was released from Crewe Works after its 4G overhaul. Silver roofs applied to 47006, 47010, 47011 and 47085.
After more than a year with no reallocations taking place a very significant change took place for the winter timetable. The appearance of unwanted HSTs on the GN main line allowed for the transfer of some ETH-fitted locomotives to Stratford. The change was however less than successful with the boilers often still being used, and all of the transfers in being due for major overhaul.
47116 was released from Crewe Works after its 4G overhaul. Silver roofs painted: 47016, 47118 (now silver-grey ex-silver), and 47150
D.ML fitted: 47150
2nd 47425/6/31/57/8/60/1 all xd abd blue arrive from Holbeck apart from 47431 which was from York.
Departing were 47064 to Bescot, 47158/62/5/72 to Immingham and 47298 to Bescot.
20th More ETH-fitted locos arrive with 47541/2/3 coming from York, in exchange for 47160 going to Immingham, and 47164 and 47297 to York. It isn’t clear why 47164 was released, though its slow speed control would be useful in the North East. The locomotive was repainted into standard blue livery, although it is not known whether this was done by Stratford before departure or York on arrival. 47457 was released from Crewe Works following its 6I overhaul. Silver roofs painted: 47019, 47093, 47100, 47114, 47155 and 47431.
47007 and 47017 were released from Crewe Works following their 6I overhauls. The former had not yet received a silver roof, but 47017 had, and this was painted back to blue by Crewe, setting a pattern that would follow for about the next ten years.
Silver roofs painted: 47005 and 47117.
24th Whilst working a freightliner in the Willesden area 47163 collided head on with a similar train being hauled by 83004 (with 82001 dead in tow). The 47 was very severely damaged, and both electric locomotives were written off.
 End of Year summary 
xb, blue, blue roof: 47003/4/7/17-9, 115/6/56 (9)
xb, blue, silver roof: 47005/6/9-11/4/6/85/93, 100/2/14/7/8/30/5/50/5, 255 (19)
xb, blue, silver jubilee: 47163 (1) out of use
xd, blue, blue roof: 47425/6/57/8/60/1, 541-3 (9)
xd, blue, silver roof: 47431 (1)
Total: 39
Note that at this time Stratford no longer has any slow speed control-fitted locos, all having been given up for the ETH fleet.
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