During December 2019 the driver's side windscreen wiper arm was changed at the number one end due to a worn spindle. On the 11th 367 failed to start with low amps at the battery, possibly caused by the cold. Inspection of the BIS found the top arm contactor had not been mating fully, this has also now been repaired. 47367 worked every day during the Polar Express season bar three days where 33202 was utilised.
During January. Main and Aux Generator brushes where checked and are within tolerance but will need to be monitored. Also the insulating ring was cleaned along with the floor area under the main generator set was cleaned.
Main / Aux Generator : A sleeve has been manufactured and fitted to the rotor of the dc generator, and the rotor shaft has been metal sprayed and turned to the correct size to accept the new. The commutator on the main generator has been turned and gap between the segments undercut.
It was intended to use the original AC alternator, but when tested the resistance readings were low so it was decided to swap out the original with another ETH alternator. Another job need doing connecting cables on the AC rotor where replacements where require and after which the rotor was dynamically balanced and completed by the end of November. Assembly of the unit commenced at the beginning of December with new bearing being shrunk on to the rebuilt shaft along with the brush ring being refitted. x brush boxes refitted to the brush ring on the main generator along with 96 new brushes. The main generator, brush ring and AC generator were then bolted together. Finally after 12 months 580's generator looks complete. All that remains to complete the job is to refit the temporary bracket that supports the rotor until it is reconnected to the power unit into the loco.
Aldebrgh Festival was busy with the Polar Express trains from mid November through to end of December with the number of trains run has risen to 75 along with increased passengers carried increased as well. A second ETH loco to share the duties with 47596 couldn't be found so top and tailed with 367 or 33202 for the hole polar season. Things started well enough with both locos behaving themselves. At the beginning of December during the loco prep it was noted that the water header tank had fallen below the full mark. After being monitored and with further investigations traced the leak to 'A' bank radiator. This required to remove the affected elements but required a hole in the bottom rail which the elements bolt on to required a 16mm bolt and a temporary plate fitted to plug the hole in the water rail, along with replacement joints and elements refitted 596 managed to complete the remainder of the Polar season.
In January with the Polar season completed there is a quiet period with neither of our locos rostered to work any trains. So the opportunity to carry out a proper repair with 596's radiator and so a space in the shed was required to carry the work along with any out outstanding maintenance work.
The bottom water rail on 'A' bank radiator had corroded and required the removal of all the radiator elements and with several of the studs holding them in position snapped and required drilling out and being tapped out. Corrosion repairs to the bottom water rail where carried out which included cutting the corroded area and welding a replacement metal patch.
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